The Older Crowd: Because Youth is Stupid





You've been there.  You've searched the entire web desperately for fanfiction about the cats that REALLY matter: Jennyanydots, Skimbleshanks, Jellylorum, and yes, Bustopher Jones and Asparagus, Jr., too.

(Mandy's roommate: HEY! What about Gus??)

Well....I was going for the middle-aged cats.....okay, fine, I'll add Gus, Deuteronomy, and Grizabella just to be fair.

Ahem. Back to where we were. So, you're looking for good fanfiction.  And what do you find?  Nothing!  Usually it's a sentence or two you get, something along the lines of "Jenny and Jelly took care of the kits" or "Skimble wasn't there because he was on one of his trains".  Is this justice?  Tell me!  Is it??

Heck no, it's not!  These are the cats who've been around since Munkustrap was still just a mewling, blind brat!  Wait, he still is....(no, really, I like Munkustrap, but I'm making a point.  Stay with me, here).  They've been around since Macavity was just a foolish young upstart with budding criminal tendencies!  Something needs to be done about the lack of effort for the fanfic that these Jellicles so rightly deserve.  I say we change all that; let's compile a website JUST for fanfic centered around the middle-aged Jellicles!  Let's give them their day in the sun!  Who's with me??


*crickets chirp*


Erm.  Well, all right, then.  Perhaps I'm the only one out there who shares this vision.  But if you or someone you know has ever written fanfic centered mainly on the older cats of Cats, please let me know.  Please?  Pretty please?



12/01/03 Put up a couple of new fanfics, and added a guestbook! Or I might have done that yesterday, but I don't remember, so I'm putting it up as a today update!

11/30/03 Added new fanfiction by Kalliroscope and Alliecallienip!  Some of my stuff is up, as well.  Check it out!

11/29/03 Created this site!  Woohoo!  Oh, please pardon my lack of html skills.  I'm a bit rusty.  It'll get better!  I hope...



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